The Assisi Library


The Assisi Library is housed in the Assisi Lounge and is accessible during office hours or before/after Sunday Mass times.

A list of books (both old and new) is as follows;

TitleNew/2nd H
Resisting Happiness (Paperback) x 3New
Why I Love Being Catholic (Paperback)New
Rediscover Jesus (Paperback)New
The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity (Paperback)New
The Gospel According to John (Paperback)New
The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity Spanish Edition (Paperback)New
Love Is Patient, but I’m Not (Paperback)New
The 21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage (Paperback)New
The New Testament Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (Paperback)New
Moving in the Spirit (Paperback)New
I Know Jesus (Hardcover)New
Thirsting for God (Paperback)New
Finding True Happiness (Paperback)New
The Joy of Love (Paperback)New
Rediscover Catholicism (Paperback)New
Beautiful Mercy (Paperback)New
Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor (Paperback)New
Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody (Paperback)New
Walking with Purpose (Paperback)New
Understanding the Mass (Paperback)New
In His Spirit (Paperback)New
The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic (Paperback)New
Making Sense Out of Suffering (Paperback)New
Messy & Foolish (Paperback)New
Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission (Paperback)New
The One Thing (Paperback)New
Mass Journal (Paperback)New
Life’s Greatest Lesson (Paperback)New
Fit for Heaven (Paperback)New
Theology for Beginners (Paperback)New
Nudging Conversions (Paperback)New
The Real Story (Paperback)New
Praise Be to You (Paperback)New
Catholic & Christian (Paperback)New
Mission of the Family (Paperback)New
Prayer: Our Deepest Longing (Paperback)New
A Call to Joy (Paperback)New
The Long View (Paperback)New
Nine Words (Paperback)New
Making Choices (Paperback)New
You’re Worth It! (Paperback)New
Jesus Shock (Paperback)New
Does the Bible Really Say That? (Paperback)New
Walk Humbly with Your God (Paperback)New
Made for More (Paperback)New
The Joy of the Gospel (Paperback)New
Ultimate Makeover (Paperback)New
1001 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Catholic (Paperback)New
How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul (Paperback)New
13 Powerful Ways to Pray (Paperback)New
A Father Who Keeps His Promises (Paperback)New
I’m Not OK. You’re Not OK. But It’s OK! (Paperback)New
Every Man’s Journey (Paperback)New
St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography (Paperback)New
Holiness Revolution (Paperback)New
Nothing is Impossible with God (Paperback)New
Journey to God (Paperback)New
Three Days (Paperback)New
Pope Francis (Paperback)New
Your God is Too Boring (Paperback)New
Broken Mary (Paperback)New
You’re Amazing (Paperback)New
Dying to Be Happy (Paperback)New
A Quiet Place (Paperback)New
77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids (Paperback)New
Rejoice & Be Glad (PaperbackNew
Frankly Magazine Volune One – 3 copiesNew
Frankly Magazine Volume Two – 3 copiesNew
Pope Francis the Name of God is Mercy – Hardcover2nd H
Come and See – Joy Cowley/Terry Coles (paperback)2nd H
A Catholic Guide to the Bible (paperback)2nd H
Interior Castle Explored – Ruth Burrows (Paperback)2nd H
The Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus Volume One – paperback2nd H
The Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus Volume Two – paperback2nd H
The Complete Works of Saint Teresa of Jesus Volume Three – paperback2nd H
Rediscover Jesus (Paperback)2nd H
The Impact of God – Fr Iain Matthew (paperback)2nd H
God’s Farthest Outpost – Michael King (paperback)2nd H
God Calling – AJ Russell (PB)2nd H
A Friend Within – Anton McLean (PB)2nd H
As Certain as the Dawn – a boolet of reflections and prayer) Sr Judith Murray LCM (PB)2nd H
Mission of Love – Mary Scanlon LCM (PB)2nd H
Ireland’s Saint – JB Bury (essential biography of St Patrick) (PB)2nd H
Faith for the Future (a new illustrated catechism)2nd H
Your Faith (a popular presenation of Catholic belief) – redemptrist publication2nd H
Complete Spiritual Doctrine of St Therese of Lisieux (paperback)2nd H
Dark Night of the Soul – St John of the Cross (E Allison Peers)2nd H
Ascent of Moutn Carmel – by John of the Cross2nd H
United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (paperback)2nd H
Sabbatical Journey – diary of his final year – Henri Nouwen2nd H
St therese and her Mission – the basic priciples of Theresian Spirituality2nd H
Come and See – Resources for the precatechumenate – RCIA/OCIA2nd H
Handbook for Today’s Catholic – a redemptrist publication2nd H
Spiritual Realism of St Therese of Lisieus – hardcover2nd H
A Guide to Prayer – Opening to God (thomas H Green) SJ2nd H
Darkness in the Marketplace – Thomas H Green SJ2nd H
When the Well Runs Dry – Thomas H Green SJ2nd H
Come Down Zacchaeus – Thomas H Green2nd H
Weeds among the Wheat – (Discernment) – Thomas H Green SJ2nd H
A Vacation with the Lord – A personal directed retreat with Thomas H Green SJ2nd H
Looking to St Francis – John Bohrer & Joseph Stoutzenberger2nd H
Crossing the Threshold of Hope – John Paul II (hardcover)2nd H
The Word made flesh – Pope John Paul II (paperback)2nd H
Reasons to Believe – Scott Hahn (hardcover)2nd H
Ethics in a Permissive Society – William Barclay (paperback)2nd H
Jesus the Man Who Lives – Malcolm Muggeridge (paperback)2nd H
Lives of the Saints – Penguin Classics (paperback)2nd H
Saint Augustine – Confessions2nd H
Miracles – CS Lewis (paperback)2nd H
Covenant of Love – Pastoral reflections on Marriage (John Cardinal O’Connor2nd H
The Soul of the Apostolate – Jean Baptiste Chautard OCSO2nd H
Straight and Narrow – Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality debate (Thomas E Schmidt)2nd H
Perfect Prayer & Adoration (The Little Manual) of – Joseph-Marie Perrin2nd H
Sex & the Marriage Covenant – John F Kippley2nd H
Surprised by Truth 2 – Patrick Madrid (paperback)2nd H
Surprised by Truth 3 – Patrick Madrid (paperback)2nd H
Crossing the Tiber – Evangelical Protestants discover the Historical Chuch – Stephen K Ray2nd H
Classic Catholic Converts – Fr Charles P Connor (paperback)2nd H
Evangelical is not enugh – Thomas Howard2nd H
Did Adam & Eve have Belly Buttons – Matthew J Pinto2nd H
Real Love – Mary Beth Bonacci2nd H
Mary Potter’s Little Company of Mary – Ann Trotter2nd H
Strangers & Sojourners – A Novel  – Michael D O’Brien2nd H
A Bible Study on the Gospel of Matthew – The new Moses’s New TorahCDS
A Bible Study on the Gospel of Mark – Who is Jesus (CDs)CDS
A Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke – Calling All Nations (CDs)CDs
The Cure of Ars – by Father Bartholomew O’Birne (paperback)2nd H
A Father Who Keeps His Promises (Paperback) Scott Hahn (2nd copy)2nd H
Padre Pio – The Wonder Worker – by Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate2nd H
Patriarchs and Prophets – In the Beginning …x 2new