Attendance Dues


Catholic Primary School Attendance Dues & Catholic Special Character Contributions

updated 14th November 2018


Attendance Dues are a charge payable to the Proprietor of the School (The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch) and are a condition of enrolment at integrated schools.  The Parish (St Francis of Assisi, Mairehau) collects the attendance dues on behalf of the Diocese for all children attending St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School.  Dues are not a donation, and they are not tax deductible.

The income from attendance dues can only be used for costs associated with the provision of school land and buildings.  Attendance Dues fund the borrowing required to provide new classrooms not funded by the Government.  Attendance dues are also used to pay other building-related costs such as Projects, Insurance, Building Warrants of Fitness and debt/loan servicing.

The level that Attendance Dues are set is reviewed annually.

Bishop Paul Martin SM has authorised that Attendance Dues for Diocesan Primary Schools be increased from $230 per year to $280 per year for 2019.  This increase is primarily due to the increase in Diocesan schools’ insurance premiums, which have more than tripled since 2010.  A copy of the Bishop’s letter is available to view on the parish website at

The Catholic Special Character Contribution (CSCC) helps cover the costs associated with the delivery of professional development services in support of the Catholic Special Character in Catholic Primary Schools.  This is set at $10 per child per term and is exempt from GST and is tax deductible.  There is no increase to the Catholic Special Character Contribution for the 2019 year.

Accordingly, we now advise that the rates for the 2019 school year will be:


Diocesan Primary School Attendance Dues (inc GST) Special Character Contribution (no GST) – tax deductible. Total per child per year

per child


$280.00 per annum


$40.00 per annum


It is our intention for the 2019 year to invoice the full year’s Attendance Dues/Special Character Contribution at the beginning of the school year.  This will allow you to see how much you are required to pay by the time the school year closes in 2019.  Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or term by term.  Payment of the full amount may be made in Term one.  I know a number of you do this already.

We have asked the Catholic Education Office to provide a comparison of Attendance Dues rates around New Zealand to give you a better idea of where we stand compared to other Diocese’ in New Zealand.

They have supplied the following information based on 2018 figures.

Attendance Dues rates for Diocesan Catholic Primary Schools

throughout New Zealand in 2018 (including GST)

Auckland Diocese $430.00
Hamilton Diocese $444.00
Palmerston North Diocese $447.00
Wellington Archdiocese $485.00
Christchurch Diocese $230.00
Dunedin Diocese $445.00
NB: this is Attendance Dues only and does not include the CSCC


Payment Schedule and Due Dates

Due dates for each term are as follows;

Term One – 20th February

Term Two – 20th May

Term Three – 20th August

Term Four – 20th November

Should you wish to pay the full year in advance this needs to be paid during Term One.

Payment should be made into the following account

Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Mairehau Parish 03 1592 0602105 21

Using surname and invoice number as reference


1 Child 2 Children 3 + children
Weekly * $6.81 $13.62 $20.43
Monthly * $29.10 $58.19 $87.28
Per Term $80.00 $160.00 $240.00
Annual $320 $640.00 $960.00
* This is based on payments commencing in February 2019

Please phone the parish office on 385 3459 or email Kirsten Tester on should you have any queries at all.

Yours sincerely

Father Simon Eccleton                                               Bernard Toner

Parish Priest                                                            Finance Committee Chairperson