School Enrolments


Enrolling your child in St Francis of Assisi Catholic School.

Our parish is proud of our new St Francis of Assisi School, and there is a close working relationship between the parish and the school community in which it exists. Families with children at the school are expected to have a practical relationship with the family of the parish which gathers for Mass each Sunday.

Steps to take:

  1. Make an appointment to see Mrs Jo Earl, the school principal. She will talk with you about what you need to do to apply for enrolment at the school. Then:
  2. Speak to either of the priests. They will discuss with you whether you should apply for enrolment with preference, or without.

Enrolment with Preference at St. Francis of Assisi School is granted where the child is baptised in the Catholic Church.

Bring the baptism certificate of your child to any of the five Sunday Masses.  Approach the priest after Mass and he will sign the Preference Certificate there and then.

You will then be asked to collect the completed certificate from the parish office the following week. At that time the secretary will help you set up an automatic payment authority for the School Attendance Dues for your child.  Attendance Dues/Special Character contributions for 2020 are $380 per child per year.  These can be paid annually, quarterly (per term) or monthly (over 11 months).

There are other circumstances that may result in a child being accepted with Preference into the school:

  • The child’s parents / guardians have already allowed one or more of its siblings to be baptised in the Catholic faith.
  • At least one parent is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child’s participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.
  • With the agreement of the parents, a grandparent or other close relative undertakes to support the child’s formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church. This would involve an active and close on-going relationship between this significant adult and the child.
  • One or both of the child’s non-Catholic parents is preparing to become a Catholic.

If you think you may fall into one of these special categories, please speak with one of the priests and they will arrange a time to talk with you about this.