Our diocese is committed to and prioritises the safeguarding of everyone and in particular, our children and vulnerable adults. The definition of safeguarding is “protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure”.  Safeguarding works both ways in that it offers protection to you in your role in our parish or parish associated organisation as well as those with whom you come into contact in a variety of circumstances.  We want a culture of Safeguarding in our parishes.  It takes a community to do this.

As part of our diocese and the New Zealand Bishops commitment to implementing safeguarding measures throughout all parishes, we ask that you attend a “one hour” free workshops on safeguarding practices.  These workshops are being run across the city at a variety of parish centres.  You can attend any of the workshops at any of the venues whatever is most convenient for you.  The workshops are to:

  1. Raise awareness of what safeguarding is and why we need it.
  2. Empower us to make changes to what we do

There is an expectation and appreciation that everyone who has a role in the Catholic church will attend this workshop. If you recently attended one of these workshops elsewhere, please let the parish office know.  Thank you for your time and commitment to our parish. 

The workshop schedule is as follows;

Thursday October 17th  at 1:30 pm at Christ The King/Burnside

Thursday October 17th at 7pm at Santa Maria-Addington

Friday October 18th at 1:30pm at Papanui (Cnr Vagues Road and Main North Road)

Tuesday October 22nd at 7pm  at St Bernadette Hornby/Darfield

Wednesday  October 23rd  at 7pm   at the Chervier Centre/Rangiora

Tuesday October 29th  at 7pm  at Holy Trinity, Bryndwr

Wednesday October 30th  at 1:30 pm at St Marys/Cathedral

Tuesday November 5th at 7 pm  at St Annes/Woolston

Tuesday November 12th at 1:30 pm   in Ashburton Parish

Wednesday November 13th  at 1:30pm   in Timaru

Tuesday December 3rd  at 7pm  in Greymouth