Parish Executive


The Parish Council meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm.

The Parish Finance Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm

To view the minutes of Parish Council meetings please click here.

The current members of the Parish Executive are;

Fr Simon Eccleton : Parish Priest

Fr Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

Ph: (03)385 3459
Fr Tien Cao : Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Tien Cao

Assistant Parish Priest

(03)385 3459
Kirsten Challies : Pastoral Worker

Kirsten Challies

Pastoral Worker

Ph: (03)385 3459

I am a part-time Pastoral Worker and am therefore here to support parishioners and others to live the life God is calling them to and am happy to be of assistance in whatever form it is needed, whether that be simply to listen, to make a visit to a home, to organise practical help, to chew over spiritual matters or to connect people with others who may be able to provide help.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at the parish office on a Tuesday and Thursday or by emailing me.

Clare Bell : Pastoral Worker

Clare Bell

Pastoral Worker
Kirsten Tester : Parish Secretary

Kirsten Tester

Parish Secretary

(03) 385 3459

Kirsten Tester is in the parish office. She looks after all things admin from the Parish Newsletter, rosters, website and Planned Giving through to the financial accounts and property.   Kirsten is happy to assist you with whatever you need whether it be joining a Parish Ministry, signing up for the Planned Giving programme or simply updating your contact details on the Parish Roll.  Contact Kirsten at the parish office –Tuesdays & Fridays 8am - 5pm; Wednesday & Thursdays 8am - 2pm

Bernard Toner : Finance Chairperson

Bernard Toner

Finance Chairperson

I have been an auditor in some form or other for most of my working life and in recent years I have had quite a lot to do with Charitable Trusts.

I am very keen to ensure our Parish has confidence in the transparency and stewardship of Parish finances.

Matt O’Connell : Councillor

Matt O’Connell


I was born and raised in this parish, and served on the Parish Council when I was 18. Nearly five years ago my wife Emma and I purchased a house in the neighbourhood and I found myself back in the parish.

You will find Emma and I, along with our daughter Rita at the 9am Sunday Mass every week.

I work as the Evangelisation Coordinator for the Christchurch Diocese and I am very glad to have the opportunity to put into practice some of the things I often talk about.

I am passionate about our parish growing as an evangelizing and missionary parish that “preaches the gospel to all; without hesitation, reluctance or fear."

Pauline Cosgrove Haggerty : Councillor

Pauline Cosgrove Haggerty


Timaru is my home town where I was born, attended School at Sacred Heart Primary and Sacred Heart Girl's College, my three daughters attended Roncalli College. Whilst living in Pareora south of Timaru I taught CCD. I have strong Associations with Mercy Past Pupils.
Over the past 23years I have had varying administrative roles in Canterbury Embroiderers' guild, and the Association of NZ Embroiderers' Guilds from which I retired as National President this year. Now is the time for me to share my time in helping to strengthen our Parish Family and myself for our Lord Jesus Christ.
My husband Bill and I together with our Canine friend Mollie live in Shirley. We have a combined family of five, and six grandchildren.

Phillip Bell : Councillor

Phillip Bell


021 029 14855

I was born in Temuka and taught by the Sisters of St Joseph, but most of my parish life has been in Rangiora. A highlight was leading the Rangiora  parish group to World Youth Day in Sydney 2008, through which I met my wife Clare.

Clare and I love our life in Mairehau and we enjoy walking to Mass when possible with our three children, two of whom attend St Francis of Assisi School.

This is an exciting time to be in the church with changes in the diocese and so many opportunities for evangelising.  I am committed to being open to the Holy Spirit and helping to ensure a welcoming, vibrant and missionary parish.

Moly Antony : Councillor

Moly Antony


Alix Hooper : Councillor

Alix Hooper


Cathie Hurdle : Councillor

Cathie Hurdle


Kevin Stack : Councillor

Kevin Stack


Bill Morgan : Councillor

Bill Morgan