Feb 082019
Bible Study - The Gospel of Luke

“The Gospel of St. Luke” is being read throughout 2019, liturgical Year C.  Fr John Jolliffe will lead two presentations to help us to know Jesus Christ, full of love and mercy, through the eyes of St. Luke and so grow into a deeper love and intimacy with Jesus in prayer and life.  Presentation 1 [more…]

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Feb 012019
Parish Office Hours 2019

The Parish Office has reopened for 2019. Opening hours are as follows; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am – 5pm, Wednesday 8am – 12:30pm. The Pastoral Workers are in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays as noted on the back of the parish newsletter.

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Dec 232018
Message from Father Paul

I WILL MISS YOU…My dear parishioners, thank you very much for your love, concern and support. You looked after me very well and always made me feel at home.  I would like to say a special thanks to Fr Simon who has been helping me to become a man of the soil. Also, I would [more…]

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Dec 232018
Message from Father Simon

For All that’s Been, Thanks be to God Thank you to all who have contributed to the life and mission of the parish through 2018. It has been a tumultuous but blessed year as we’ve learned to let go of everything that is passing, that we may cleave more closely to Christ. I leave on [more…]

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Dec 212018
Message from Trisha Wilkins

Trisha has completed her year at Catholic Discipleship College – she writes “My year at CDC in Auckland provided me with a number of opportunities, including the study of scripture and philosophy.  I look back on the year and know that through some of the challenges I faced, I truly received God’s grace.  Prayer was [more…]

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Dec 142018
Bishop's Care Appeal - Week 3

During Advent, we continue the Bishop’s Care Appeal in support of the caring ministries within the Diocese of Christchurch. “I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat…” Your gifts will feed the hungry. Last year the Church distributed 4,458 food parcels and made 4,478 home visits across our Diocese. Pick up an envelope [more…]

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Dec 072018
Mairehau Mission Circle

Tuesday 11th December at 1:30pm in the Edgeware Tennis Club Rooms. All parishioners are warmly welcomed to this fun-filled afternoon for games of Housie, raffles and afternoon tea. Last month 41 parishioners attended and $289.30 was raised. All profits are used to support various Catholic Missions.  In addition to the usual contributions towards the Housie [more…]

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Dec 072018
Columban Calendars 2019

We only have a handful of Columban Calendars left for sale.  They are available from the parish office at $12 each.

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Dec 022018
It's Advent - Happy New Year

Today is the first Sunday in Advent and the first Sunday of the Church’s Year.  Today we begin our journey towards Easter night, which is the most important, greatest and holiest night of the year.  Our first stop along this road will be the twelve days of Christmas (Christmas day to Epiphany), when we rejoice [more…]

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