Jan 252019
New Readers of the Word at Sunday Mass

New readers who signed up during the parish Census and anyone else who is interested in becoming a reader at Sunday Mass, there is a training session being held on Tuesday 29th January at 7pm in the church.

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Nov 152018
Altar Server Training - Friday 23rd November

We will be running a training session for those interested in becoming Altar Servers for Sunday Mass on Friday 23rd November at 3:15pm in the church. Please pick up a consent form in the church foyer if you wish to take part. It is for those in Year 6 and up in 2019 who have [more…]

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Oct 282018
Inviting Others to Join us in "asking"

I notice that in this weekend’s Gospel story, Jesus asks Bartimaeus, the blind man, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ Perhaps, it was not that Jesus did not know, but that Bartimaeus needed to be aware of his need and his request of Jesus. While my children have always had a home, [more…]

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Oct 252018
Father John Rea - Sunday 28th October

Fr John Rea will be ministering at the Lamb of God Community meeting, held at the Burwood Christian Centre, 52 Bassett Street, Burwood, on Sunday 28 October, 3-4:30pm.  All welcome.  Enquiries to John Murray, 383 2888, .

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Dec 082017
Youth Ministry - Become World Changers

We are looking at youth ministry next year. You may have seen the Facebook page called St Francis of Assisi World Changers.  Young people are full of passion and have so many gifts. As a Parish we would like to explore ways for them to change the world through love and service. Anyone in the [more…]

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Dec 012017
Altar Serving at Mass

Wanting to Serve at Sunday Mass?  ALTAR SERVER TRAINING – calling all new and existing Altar Servers – we will be having a training workshop on Friday 8th December at 3:15pm – 4:15pm in the parish church. Altar Servers need to be in Year 6 or above in 2018. A consent form can be picked [more…]

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Sep 292017
Readers Workshop - Thursday 5th October - 7pm

Sr Eleanor Capper will hold a workshop for our readers (existing and new) on Thursday October 5th at 7pm. The session will last about an hour and a half covering all aspects of Proclaiming the Word. We ask that all our current and any new readers who can make a dedicated commitment to this Ministry [more…]

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Sep 152017
Caring for our own through providing a meal

If you feel inclined to cook for extras when you are cooking at home, we are looking to have a few meals stored in a freezer, to give to parishioners when the need arises.  You can drop meal/soup into the parish office during office hours.  Please label it with the dish name, date and serving number.  Your efforts [more…]

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