Sep 012019
Parish Mission with John Pridmore

In years past, parish missions were a big event in the life of a parish. Once every couple of years, guest preachers would come to a parish for a few days and preach a mission. This September, our parish is going to be having a parish mission with John Pridmore. So what is the point [more…]

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Jun 302019
A Personal Reflection from Fr Simon

In our part of the city we’ve been through a lot following the quakes of 2010/2011. But I believe it’s precipitated a rather amazing journey for us as a community. We lost so much, but it has led to the realisation that a lot of the stuff we thought was important actually isn’t. To be [more…]

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May 262019
A New Way of Looking at Things

About a hundred and twenty years ago a French portrait artist named James Tissot exhibited a number of religious paintings.   All of these were entitled, “Scenes from the life of Christ”.   Tissot had lived in many countries including the Holy Land.  In the latter place, he studied the landscape and the environment most intently, the [more…]

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May 122019
Jesus, the Good Shepherd

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is also called the Good Shepherd Sunday, because Jesus speaks of himself as the Good Shepherd (John 10:27-30). It helps us meditate on the life of Christ after the Resurrection which means that he cannot die again. He is the Good Shepherd who is capable of leading us to eternal [more…]

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May 052019
God works in the Ordinary

There are two things that stick out for me in this Sunday’s Gospel reading of Jesus appearing to his disciples after his resurrection.  The first is that Jesus appeared to them and worked amongst them while they were about their normal everyday business.  He didn’t wait till they were in prayer, or at the house [more…]

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Apr 202019
Christus Vivit - Christ is Alive

“He is our hope, and in a wonderful way he brings youth to our world, and everything he touches becomes young, new, full of life. The very first words, then, that I would like to say to every young Christian are these: Christ is alive, and he wants you to be alive! He is in [more…]

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Apr 142019
Entering Holy Week

Our pathway to intimacy with God With today’s celebration of Palm Sunday, we enter a week that we call Holy Week. While every week is holy, in this Holy Week we face death. While some will simply look back two thousand years and recall the historic events of Jesus’ suffering and death, we Christians today [more…]

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Apr 072019
We are Loved, even in our Imperfection...

A few years ago, I was asked to prepare a year 13 group to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I began by asking how many considered themselves to be sinners. A couple of hands went up including my own. I then asked again, explaining that my question was a serious one adding that all my [more…]

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Mar 312019
Accept the Loving Embrace of the Father

While the given gospel this weekend is the parable of the Prodigal Son, parishes in which catechumens are preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation at Easter will use the account of Jesus giving sight to the man born blind. In both gospel accounts Jesus is giving new vision. This is clearly evident when a man [more…]

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Mar 172019
In the Transfiguration…we taste heaven

The Mount of the Transfiguration is not too far from the Sea of Galilee. From every direction it rises distinctively from the plain landscape as a solitary hill. In a similar way, the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus rises up as if from nowhere in the Gospels. All of a sudden Jesus is speaking [more…]

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