Oct 202019
Baptised and Sent - to our city of Christchurch

“God has created me to do Him some definite service; He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.  I have my mission”. This is a quote by St John Henry Newman, canonized in our Catholic Church only last weekend. This was true for him and is true for each [more…]

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Oct 132019
Respect Life Sunday

Respect Life Sunday 2019 does not focus on human life alone, it extends to protecting life of all living creatures of God’s creation. It provides us with the opportunity to recognize the connections between the many ethical issues we face nowadays. Pope Francis notes in Laudato Si “On Care for Our Common Home” saying, there [more…]

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Oct 062019

Often when people talk about St Francis, they only speak of him as being the friend to animals. This bugs me a little as he is so much more than this. He was a man who gave up everything the world said was important, to follow the will of Jesus. Yes; he was pretty radical. [more…]

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Sep 292019
The Mission Has Begun

After much prayer and planning our Mission led by John Pridmore was held last week. As a parish we prepared for this event by praying for its success, considering how to become better evangelisers, and equipping ourselves for going out to family, friends and neighbours to invite them to attend the Mission. Whether you went [more…]

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Sep 222019
Where is God leading you?

We take a good amount of time to care for our physical selves: showering, personal grooming, exercising, cooking and eating food, clothing ourselves and getting good amounts of sleep. We care for our emotional selves by taking time-out, whether that be on a screen, reading a book, lying on the couch, being in nature, doing [more…]

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Sep 152019
Building Unity in and through Faith

All Christians are one Body in Christ, and all people are children of God. God has given us a family that is the Church. Families that pray together stay together. On Sunday 6th October 2019, our parish is celebrating our patronal Feast Day in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi. This feast day aims at [more…]

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Sep 082019
Following Jesus

There is so much going on in our lives, and we have so many opportunities.  Many of these are good for us, but some can stop us following the plan Jesus has for us. Many times, I have heard ‘We didn’t come to Mass this weekend because we had sport, or we had a big [more…]

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Sep 012019
Parish Mission with John Pridmore

In years past, parish missions were a big event in the life of a parish. Once every couple of years, guest preachers would come to a parish for a few days and preach a mission. This September, our parish is going to be having a parish mission with John Pridmore. So what is the point [more…]

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Aug 252019
Cherishing Life

We believe that one of the fundamental duties of the human person is to learn to embrace a spirit of awe at the wonder of life in all its manifestations. Already we are seeing early signs of the season of spring. The earth is slowly warming; blossom is breaking out and the yellow splash of [more…]

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Aug 182019
This invitation is for you.  Yes! You.

Do you allow this invitation to change your life? Many years ago, I made my Confirmation with about 30 others. I think there would only be a handful of these people involved in the Church today. Why am I different? Why am I involved in the life of the church and striving to live my [more…]

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