St Francis of Assisi Parish
Jan 272019

Today, with a lot of distractions from modern technological devices, there is a temptation in our somewhat busy way of life. We are living at a very fast pace, rushing ourselves each day to do one thing after another. While one task is unfinished, we are tempted to move on to do the next thing. When we can’t move on, we may blame ourselves for not having enough time for everything, or even worse, we may blame others for making our lives more difficult by assigning us a particular task at an inconvenient time.

What is more, we live our lives each day as if we are born into this world to tick one box of tasks after another rather than enjoying our lives as loving gift from God. We hope to have a rest after the task we are doing, however, this hope seems to never come, because when we are resting, we start thinking about moving on to the next task.

The Gospel this Sunday reminds us that the Spirit of God is always present with us as a gift (Luke 1:1-4, 4:14-21). The present moment of life is simply a present, it makes our past actions and future hope meaningful. Through our baptism, the Spirit of God was poured into our hearts, and so the Spirit of God is ever omnipresent with us. Thus, when we read or listen to the Scripture, the Spirit of God makes our heart and conscience resonate with love and deep peace in a way that no one else can.

Finally, as our Lord assured the listeners of his time, so also today, the Spirit of God is fulfilling God’s promise in us even as we listen.

Father Tien Cao

Assistant Priest

 27/01/2019  Categories: News