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Oct 282018

I notice that in this weekend’s Gospel story, Jesus asks Bartimaeus, the blind man, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ Perhaps, it was not that Jesus did not know, but that Bartimaeus needed to be aware of his need and his request of Jesus.

While my children have always had a home, a bed, clothing and food, when they were young they were most grateful when, for their birthday they received a particular item which they requested. The ‘asking’ makes us more aware of the ‘receiving’ and the love held by the giver.

On Thursday November 8th, we will again have a time of Prayer for Friends and Family, who need God to work in their circumstances.  This is an opportunity for you to ask God to help your loved ones in difficulty; and also, to reach out to those you know, who might also have loved ones in difficulty.  Take a handful of information cards to hand on, which will invite people to come and offer friends and family to God. Keep these cards either in your pocket or in your handbag and ask God to direct you who to give them to.  When you have given them away, take more and do the same.

This is our opportunity to present our requests to God and to evangelise. Your response might be: ‘not me!’ But God asks us ALL to go out and make disciples of all nations. (Matt 28:19) Why? Not for reasons of building His own ego by having more people worship Him. But because He knows that our spirits naturally hunger for Him and we are most at rest when we know His great love for us. We need to help others to come to know God’s great love for them.  By inviting them into our worshipping environment we hope that they will encounter God themselves as they bring before Him their loved ones.

The last time we did this, it was a success and we need to keep reaching out wherever we can. This time of prayer is simple and low key: comfortable and unintimidating for all non-church-goers. Come along on the 8th and welcome others in our midst.

Prayer for Friends & Family   Thursday 8th November 7pm in the Church.  Come along and invite those you know who are caring for loved ones in difficult circumstances. Only 20-30 mins. Very low key and comfortable for any non-Catholics to attend. Invitation cards are at the back of the Church for you to hand to others you know


Kirsten Challies

Pastoral Worker


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