St Francis of Assisi Parish
Jul 082018

Two things have contributed to this being quite a reflective week for me.  Firstly, I sat with a dying lady and her family as they said their goodbyes to one another and thanked each other for all they had received during their life together.  They acknowledged how blessed they had been to have had such intrinsically good people to journey with. It was a very moving experience and it reminded me again of how God wraps us around with love, by providing family and friends, administering his love through them and how this meets our deepest need.

Secondly, this week marks the end of our family’s earthquake-related house matters and I have been mindful again of the ‘earthquake season’: families sleeping together in their lounges; neighbours looking out for one another in ways they hadn’t before; people coming together to cook thawing freezer meat and provide showers and hot meals to those without power. We were stripped of the non-essentials and amidst the cold unlit night streets, amidst the uncertainty and fear, there was a warmth from drawing near to God and one another.

The earthquake season and the death of a loved one are events that hone our focus and shake up our priorities, bringing clarity of purpose and vision: that when all is said and done, there is us and God and those we love. Each day we have tasks that require our talents and our time but underlying all that remains is that God is calling us onward to Him and gives us others to help us walk that journey.

If you want to re-hone that focus and put some emphasis on your relationship with God, one way to do that is to sign up for the 5-week Ignatian retreat we will be running next month. We meet on Tuesday evenings and have 3-5 prayer focuses to do between meetings.  It may be just the refreshment you need.

If that’s not a possibility, then maybe a daily Mass is a possibility, maybe a bible study, or sign up to Adoration at the Adoration Chapel or seek out Spiritual Direction. Whatever will work for you – keep your focus and make steps to respond to God’s unique call to you.

Kirsten Challies

Parish Pastoral Worker

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