St Francis of Assisi Parish
Jun 172018

We all know people who aren’t necessarily people of faith but are decent, kind, generous, folk who care deeply for their loved ones. They may not acknowledge the source of all the goodness they exhibit, but some of these people haven’t decided against God either. Maybe they have never had much to do with faith.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these people knew the God that loves them intimately and cares for them as they care for others? Often, they hold family members and friends who face difficult circumstances, very dear, and do their utmost to help. We want to get alongside these people in our wider community.  Let’s bring them to the source of that deep love they experience for their family and friends, where they themselves can be renewed and where they can also ask God for a little ‘divine intervention’ for those they care for.

To that end we will be by holding a brief time of ‘Special Prayer for Family and Friends’ on Thursday 28th June at 7pm.

Our hope is two-fold: that God will answer prayers offered at that service, and that those that come may experience their loving God and find a source bigger than themselves that they can draw from as they care for others.

We have prepared some cards which ask recipients if they know people in difficult circumstances who need a bit of help.  The card then gives details of our brief time of prayer on the 28th, invites the person to fill in the back of the card with the names of those who require help, bring it along, light a candle and pray for God to work in the lives of their loved ones.

This is a chance for you to be active in your faith.  We are asking you to take the cards and distribute them to those who God puts on your heart.  If you are working and have a cafeteria where workmates meet, maybe you could place a number of them on the tables for people to take. Take them for family, friends, neighbours, workmates, fellow students and whomever God prompts you to give them to.  Please respond to the call to reach out to others for Christ.

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