St Francis of Assisi Parish
Jun 032018

The basic need of the human heart never changes and the answer to that need never changes either. The need is God and the answer is Jesus Christ, God made flesh. We are all human beings designed to run on himself/herself and it is Christ and nothing else who can fuel our spirits. That is why Christ has given his body and blood in the Eucharist as our food, a gift which God has freely bestowed on a hungry people who look longingly for someone to feed their hearts. But an individual must be conscious of his hunger for God in order to appreciate the Eucharist. We need to realise that we are at our greatest when upon our knees, when we come in communion with God in prayer and we are at our highest when, upon our feet, when we come to receive the Eucharist.

This Sunday we celebrate the solemn feast of Corpus Christi. Actually, on this feast day we do celebrate three feasts: the feast of the Eucharistic sacrifice, feast of the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the feast of the Real Presence of Jesus.  This feast has three purposes:  1) to give God collective thanks for Christ’s abiding presence with us in the Eucharist and to honour Him there; 2) to instruct the people in the Mystery, Faith and devotion surrounding the Eucharist, and 3) to teach us to appreciate and make use of the great gift of the Holy Eucharist, both as a Sacrament and as a sacrifice.

As we celebrate this great feast of Faith, let us worship what St. Thomas Aquinas did not hesitate to call, “the greatest miracle that Christ ever worked on earth.” Before the greatness of this mystery, let us pray with St. Augustine, “O Sacrament of devotion! O Sign of unity! O Bond of charity!”   Let us also repeat St. Thomas Aquinas’ prayer of devotion in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament:  “O Sacrament most holy! O Sacrament Divine! All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!”


Fr Paul Tegin Avarez OSJ

Assistant Priest


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