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May 132018


Recently at the school cross country, as I spoke with another mother, I made the statement that I am not a traditional mother.  What do I mean by that?  I am not the mother who does all the cleaning & cooking and attends to my children’s every need. This traditional image of Motherhood is often one of a calm woman, someone who has it all together, cooks and bakes for the family, sending her children out clean and tidy and listens to everything her child has to say.  The mum I was speaking with said “me neither. I am just grumpy, and I yell too much in the mornings.”   I would say the traditional image of a mother is few and far between as more women need to be working and are juggling home and work life. Some days can simply be a matter of survival.

The traditional image we have of motherhood needs to be thrown out the window and we need to get real about our experiences of Motherhood. Being a mother is hard work and often we think we need to be perfect. My midwife gave me some awesome advice in the early days as a mother. She said “Clare, just sit there and cuddle and love your baby.”  I often hold these words in my heart as one of my children loses the plot and I still have a thousand things to do. The washing and vacuuming can wait.  Sometimes I just need to sit and cuddle.

Mother Teresa said, “We are not called to be successful, we are called to be faithful.”  I think this is a great quote that can define Motherhood. For me, this means seeing the best in our children, always having their back, being their advocate when they cannot speak up, being there for them when they need a hug or a listening ear. And for me it is about sharing faith with my children, telling them Jesus loves then, that God created them, and He did an amazing job; and teaching them to pray. Motherhood is not all about solving their problems but leading them the Jesus. Being a faithful mother has nothing to do with dusting or washing, and everything to do with loving.

Mothers are the heartbeat of the family. This Sunday we give thanks for our Mothers. We also pray for our Mothers who might be struggling or have a very full load at present

Clare Bell

Pastoral Assistant


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