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May 112018

You are encouraged to speak up in defence of God’s precious infants by making a brief submission to the Law Commission. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has directed that the Law Commission review our abortion laws to “make changes to ensure our abortion laws are consistent with treating abortion as a health issue that is a reproductive choice for women, and not a criminal issue”.

This proposal will effectively mean that those unborn who are classified as unwanted will be deprived of the protection of the Crimes Act and allowed to be killed. However, the unborn children who are classified as wanted, will retain the protection of the Crimes Act and of the state.

Submissions are required to be with the Law Commission before 5pm on 18th May 2018. Please make a submission in your own words.

Here are several suggested points you may like to use in your submission.

I oppose the decriminalisation of abortion because….

  • It would deprive the unborn child of current protection under the law. It would be a declaration by the state that a woman can terminate the life of her child for any reason, e.g, the baby being the wrong sex and for disability such as Down syndrome.
  • It would no longer be a crime to kill the unborn child, an innocent human being. It would be a declaration by the state that it has no interest in protecting you or your child from the violence of abortion.
  • It would provide a cover for crimes against women, rape, incest and sexual abuse. If we followed the Victorian model, it would allow abortion up to birth.


Law Commission – Post, PO Box 2590, Wellington, 6140. Email  For further information go to or


Thank you for defending life.

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