St Francis of Assisi Parish
Apr 152018

Sometimes we can wonder where God is in a situation. In a disappointment, an unpleasant situation or in someone else’s behaviour.

Recently someone was telling me about some unpleasant behaviours of another adult. I was thinking ‘how can an adult speak to another person like that? This is the behaviour of children.’ After I thought about it for a while I decided to take a walk in that person’s shoes. She was a busy mum, juggling work and the commitments of her children and her household. She was pushed to her limits. Her behaviour was her, beginning to break. Though this busy mum really hurt my friend, the challenge was really where was God in this situation? How can I be Jesus to this person? It is only when we have the Holy Spirit active in our lives are we able to walk in another’s shoes and see.

Jesus often comes to us in ways we might not recognise. My Dad often would come home and say ‘I saw Jesus today’. Then he would describe the scruffy gentleman he met on the road who needed some help, or he had a pleasant conversation with. Jesus often comes to us in our disappointment or the unpleasant or the unexpected.

We often pray that we don’t suffer, or that everything will always be good. But it is the suffering, the disappointment or unpleasant things in life where we can see and know Jesus more. If we turn to Jesus in these times he will refine us, strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. Suffering leads us to Jesus.

In the next few months we will be beginning the rebuild of our church. It will be uncomfortable at times, it may be messy, it may become confusing, but the question is how will we deal with this suffering? Will we let Jesus strengthen and transform us? Will we find Jesus in this situation? Absolutely we will. Jesus is with us all of us. Let’s recognise the Holy Spirit working among us. Let us not pray that we will cope during this time. Let our prayer be that we may recognise the work of Jesus so that we may shine His light to all those we met.  Let our lives tell the story of Jesus.

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