St Francis of Assisi Parish
Apr 012018

In rising from the dead, Jesus made it possible for us to be in relationship with God personally. That can make all the difference to our lives today – bringing a deep contentment and security that nothing else can provide.  We need to share that.

One lunch time, when I was 14 years of age, practising long jump on our High School field, I shot a desperate prayer to the Lord, to help me to beat the friend I was practising with and to get my personal best.  In that moment, I had a very real and jaw-dropping awareness of His presence right beside me on that field. Even now as I remember it, I feel goose-bumps.  My thoughts registered that ‘It’s just me! And I’m only doing long jump! There must be more important things you could be doing right now around the world God.’ But I came to understand that God wanted to be with me in the very ordinary everyday things of life.  What mattered to me was of interest to Him.  And that began a very real friendship with Him, where I became aware of Him being with me in all aspects of my life.

I share this story not to pretend that I am holy, because I know myself only too well for that, and I think telling our stories tells far more about Him and who He is, than about us.  But I think that the telling of our stories can validate other people’s stories, or it can bring to consciousness that which has previously only unconsciously been known in our heart, or it can resonate with the truth we know of God and fan that into flame further.

At some point our parish would like to get some stories onto our website, where others might come to know who this God is that we gather to worship on a Sunday: this God who lives in 2018 and isn’t confined to pages of the Bible. If you feel inclined to write a few words about how God has engaged you, please send it to my email address.  We would love to hear from you

Kirsten Challies, Parish Pastoral Worker

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