Feb 252018

As the New Year gets underway, our plans for the next two years are starting to take shape. We hope to start building the presbytery in April, and later in the year begin preparing our site for the construction of the new church and pastoral centre.

Options are being considered for where we will go for the celebration of Mass and other sacraments during the rebuild which may take up to two years.

Some of you will have first-hand experience of the complexity of the building process. Detailed drawings and planning is well advanced.  Budget pressures are being firmly managed. Building and resource consent processes are formidable but will simply take the time that is required for them. We’ve waited this long – we want to get everything right.

At this time, there are two matters to which we are giving serious attention:

One is finance – please ensure that you follow up on your pledge commitment to our fundraising campaign. Your donations sent in prior to 31st March may qualify for the charitable donation rebate from IRD. This is an exciting project to be contributing to.

The other focus for us is prayer. God always hears the cry of his people. Please pray for the success of the rebuild. I commend to you the First Friday Prayers for our rebuild. Different groups in the parish take turns in leading this prayer time each month. If you are free this Friday at 6:30pm, come along for this month’s First Friday Prayers. (The start time of 6.30pm allows parishioners to attend this, as well if they wish the Stations of the Cross at 7pm).

In a few weeks’ time members of the parish council, finance committee, and liturgy committee, along with the priests and pastoral workers will gather for four hours of prayer, study and reflection on the topic of evangelization. We will formulate some practical plans for how we will strengthen our community during the next two years, as well as new initiatives for how we may proclaim Christ to our neighbors in this part of the city.


Father Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

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