St Francis of Assisi Parish
Nov 122017

…the challenge of proclaiming Christ and his Church…

After some years of study, reflection and preparation, we are now beginning the rebuild of our Church and facilities in earnest.

Since June this year, when we got the go-ahead for the building of the church and pastoral centre, our project manager, architect and engineering team have been busy preparing detailed drawings and firming up prices for services and materials. If everything goes according to plan, we will start building the church and pastoral centre in the middle of next year – with an 18 month build period anticipated.

We are still firming up the design and thus approval for the new presbytery which we expect will be built on our property at 63 Kensington Avenue (backing on to the church grounds). We would love to start building the presbytery early in the new year, but as those of you who have built, repaired or renovated your homes know, we need to be patient. Certainly, we want to get this right.

As I told those on the Planned Giving Programme in my recent letter to them, the intense activity of building will have a parallel in the pastoral activity of our parish.

On Friday and Saturday just past, your two priests, both pastoral workers, most of the members of the parish council, and finance & liturgy committees, and our parish secretary have attended the Ablaze Conference hosted by our diocese here in Christchurch. This conference has gathered a great range of speakers (both international and local) to help us actively plan how our parishes will step up to the challenge of proclaiming Christ and his Church to a world that has in many ways grown weary and disheartened.

The challenge for us is great, but the energy and hope we bring to this work is even greater, because it comes from Jesus himself. This work brings us alive; it’s who we are. This work is not just for the leaders of the parish, but for every person who calls St Francis of Assisi Parish their home.

The future is exciting!

Father Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

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