St Francis of Assisi Parish
Nov 062016

“Those of our people who have died will live again. Their bodies will come back to life” (Is.26:19).

The month of November is a special month for us. The whole month is dedicated to the departed souls. Special prayers for them and visits to cemeteries are highly recommended in this month. Let our children know what we are doing for our loved ones who have died so that we can be sure of their prayers after our death. This month also reminds us that one day we will be blessed with the reality of death. Sometimes we are not happy to hear about death or we may be afraid of this very reality, even though it’s inevitable for human beings.

But when we reflect on death from a Christian point of view, it is really amazing.  Because for us Christians, death is not the end of our life; it is the beginning of a new life in Christ. Once we reach this point of view, death will no more be a nightmare for us. We have a great example from the life of our patron saint, St Francis of Assisi. We read in his biography, “I welcome you my sister death”. This is how St Francis addressed the reality of death. How was it possible for him to embrace death with a joyful heart? It was because he was always in the presence of God and he kept his soul pure by receiving the sacraments regularly.

If we are ready to follow the footsteps of our patron saint, we will be blessed to sing like the psalmist with an honest heart, “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want. Fresh and green are the pastures where he gives me repose. Even when I walk through the valley of death, no evil would I fear for you are at my side; your rod and staff give me courage”.


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