St Francis of Assisi Parish
Sep 042016

This Sunday is a special day as we celebrate both the canonisation of Mother Teresa and the blessing of those who have been fatherly in our lives. Both these celebrations remind me of a metaphor which I think of oftenBlessed Teresa, of the difference a window pane makes to a room.  A window pane allows light to burst forth to illuminate a room, bringing warmth and also clarity to an otherwise dark space.  What a blessing it is to have clean windows! (Something not always achieved in my house!).

As a clear window pane allows the sun to shine through, so Mother Teresa allowed the Son to shine through her, ministering His love to those around her.  What a blessing that we have a woman to inspire us, who ministered within the lifespan of most of us, within the world that we know, and the time that we are familiar with.  Her example shows us that Christianity IS relevant in our day and age and can be effective if we allow ourselves to be used by Him.

We also give thanks for the fatherly figures in our lives who have allowed God’s love to shine through them, to effect who we are today.  Just as a window pane naturally gets dirty in time, so our earthly fathers may not always have shown God’s love without blemish.   We too share that same limitation. However, even the grubbiest window has a hard time stopping the light and therefore today we thank God for the light that He shines through the fatherly figures in our lives, even if it may have been dim.

And as we come to Mass today and offer ourselves at thealtar, may we invite God to ‘clean our window pane’ that we make more effectively allow his light to shine through us in all the everyday things we do.

Kirsten Challies – Parish Pastoral Worker

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