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Jul 202014

Taking time for romance isn’t just a nice idea for a better marriage…

Some married people may think that they can do just fine without romance, but the truth is, our bodies and minds crave knowing that we are special to someone. Love, in general, is the commitment to work for the good of another person. Romantic love, in particular, is the more exclusive commitment to work for the good of another person in a way that no one else can.

A parent’s love can convey a sense of basic worth, but a parent’s love is also shared with the other children in the family. A friend’s love can be a great support, but that friend’s love can be shared with every other friend.  Only the exclusive commitment represented by romantic love has the power to reach places in your heart that no one else can. Only romantic love can convey, on the deepest level possible, the unique specialness one person holds in the eyes of another.

This is especially true for the Christian couple who is called to be a sign not only of their own love for each other, but also of God’s love for each of them—and God loves passionately.  The Song of Songs made the cut in the canon of scripture because the early Church Fathers viewed it as a passionate love letter between God and each one of us.

St Catherine of Sienna referred to God as her “Mad Lover.” Lots of Christian mystics experience the ecstasy of being in the presence of God’s love.  The Church’s teachings on marriage – especially Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body – actually encourage couples to be a physical sign of God’s passion for each other. For the Catholic couple, taking time for romance isn’t just a nice idea for a better marriage. It’s an essential way that a husband and wife serve as a physical sign of the passionate love God has in his heart for each of them.

Excerpt from an article by Gregory Popchack.  Read the full article…

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