St Francis of Assisi Parish
Feb 092014

A man walking along a beach saw a small boy in the distance. The boy would stop, pick something up, toss it into the sea and continue on a few more steps. As the man drew nearer he could see it was starfish that the boy was retrieving. “What are you doing lad?” he asked.

“I’m saving starfish,” was the reply.

“This is an awfully long beach and there are millions of starfish. What difference is it going to make?” the man inquired.

The boy responded by picking up another starfish and throwing it into the sea. “It makes a difference to this one,” he said.

We can’t always be Christ’s light in the world; we can’t always be the salt that gives the taste and preserves. But we can sometimes, to some people. We can make that difference…

  • In our workplace we can show kindness to the colleague who may be ‘unlikeable’.
  • At school we can stand alongside the classmate who finds it hard to make friends.
  • On the bus we can smilingly give up our seat to another even though our feet are killing us.
  • At home we can talk to the person we have hurt and admit our mistake.

“Let’s not be ‘Christians incognito’… trying to sneak into heaven without sharing our faith, without living out the Christian life as salt of the earth and light of the world.” (Doctor James Stewart, British preacher.)

Wendy Clark
Parish Pastoral Worker

 09/02/2014  Categories: Editorial