St Francis of Assisi Parish
Sep 192013

The information below is taken from the Catholic Education Office’s website
Consultation website: You can access the Bishop’s “have your say” consultation website by clicking here.
Background Information and Introduction

The following is provided by way of background information and introduction to the consultation website:

In this stage in the Bishop’s development planning for the new teaching spaces/classrooms that will be designed and built at St Francis of Assisi Catholic School we are primarily seeking input from the teaching professionals of St Paul’s School and Our Lady of Fatima School.

That said, we also seek input from the parent and wider St Francis of Assisi Catholic parish community. The closing date for comment/feedback will be Friday 25 October 2013.

The essential educational question to be answered is as follows:

Which of the two modern learning environment approaches do the teaching professionals see as best supporting the teaching and learning philosophy that might underpin and cater for the learning needs of the students of St Francis of Assisi Catholic School:

  1. A home-based learning environment; or
  2. An open learning environment?

In addition, we seek general comment on:

  1. The bulk and location of buildings on the site.
  2. The proposed layout of the ground floor of the Administration & Library block.
  3. The “feel” of the proposed design and its layout.

Please note:
At this stage of the process no detail has been provided regarding the design of the new hall/multipurpose space. The relation to, and influence of, the hall/multipurpose space to the new parish church will inform the design of the school’s hall/multipurpose space. Input and feedback on this element of the new school design will be sought, by the Bishop, in due course.


Mike Nolan

Manager – Catholic Education Office

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