St Francis of Assisi Parish
May 082020

We are on a journey or perhaps a Pilgrimage towards Pentecost. Pentecost is about new beginnings. People of Christchurch seem to have embraced new beginnings in the last 10 year but we know there are many emotions that come with new beginnings.

Our friends in Australia have created an online Pilgrimage towards Pentecost which I have recently joined. I am enjoying watching the teachings and encouragements from a range of people. My heart just burns when I hear the speakers talk about the Holy Spirit moving among us. I was on the edge of my seat listening to the talk about the Holy Spirit in our community and the amazing possibilities. This Pentecost the Bishop has called us to a new beginning. He is calling us to be different, to be more open to the Holy Spirit, to create communities alive in the Spirit. What does it mean to be alive in the Spirit? Remember a time when you had great news to share, maybe an engagement, a new job or a new baby. You wanted to tell everyone and you had great excitement bubbling up in your stomach. This is being Alive.

Being alive in the Holy Spirit is the love of Christ exploding out of us; in our words, our actions and our prayer. When we open the door of our new parish at Pentecost be expectant that the Holy spirit will be alive in us. We need to have hearts and arms wide open to receive the Holy Spirit anew. When we are alive in the Holy Spirit people are drawn to us and want to be alive to. This is why we exist.

In these days leading up to Pentecost we need to prepare our heats for the new beginnings. I totally recommend every night watching one of the Pilgrimage to the Pentecost videos. These will lead you to prayer, open your hearts and renew your faith so you will be more open and willing to the work of the Holy Spirit as we begin our new Parish. To watch the Pilgrimage to Pentecost you need to sign up on their website. You are able to watch the videos that were posted earlier. I encourage you to do this at

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