Feb 092020

We have two events I want to draw to your attention this month.

St Valentine’s Day Mass

We know that married life is a foundational element of the life of our community and indeed goes to the heart of the mission of the Church. It is a beautiful vocation, a powerful witness to the faithful love of God for his people. It brings fruits in plenty but asks a lot of those who embrace it.

Uniquely in married love and the family which grows from that, we see the beautiful tension between ‘cross’ and ‘resurrection’ lived out in practical ways. It is our special responsibility to support and nurture the gift of marriage in our parishes.

On Friday 14th February (popularly known as St Valentine’s Day) Bishop Paul will celebrate Mass in thanksgiving for the gift of Christian marriage. This will be at 6:30pm at the Pro-Cathedral in Manchester Street. I encourage you to mark this date in your diary. Come along and pray as a married couple, pray for a spouse who has passed away, pray for young people that they may be captured by the adventure that marriage promises, pray for those who are looking for a life partner.

God always answers our prayers.

Ash Wednesday Anglican/Catholic Liturgy

Each year the Catholic and Anglican Bishops of Christchurch gather for prayer on the evening of Ash Wednesday – this year 26th February 5:30pm at St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral. This is a special opportunity for our two faith communities to begin the holy season of Lent united under the shadow of the Cross with eyes firmly fixed on the great Easter mysteries. This year the guest preacher will be Anglican Archbishop of York, the Most Reverend John Sentamu. Please note this will be an Ashes ceremony, not Mass. This is an event worthy of your support.

Father Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

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