St Francis of Assisi Parish
Feb 022020

Father Job and I were touched by the warm welcome from the two parishes which make up our pastoral area when we settled in among you last weekend. Both parishes are busy, and it’s obvious that people are generous in offering themselves in service for the liturgy and in care of the house of God.

In some ways this is an uncomfortable time in our diocese. We are preparing to let go of that which is familiar and step forward into a future which is only beginning to unfold. Our St Francis of Assisi Parish will merge with the Pro-Cathedral Parish this coming Pentecost.

What will all this mean? I have to tell you I don’t have many answers yet!

But I am confident that with God’s grace and the goodwill of parishioners, we will discover the path which the Lord wants for us.

In my own life I have found time and time again, that when I abandon myself into the will of our good and loving God, abundant blessings come to me. That is my prayer for every one of us.

Early in his Pontificate Pope Benedict XVI spoke to a group of German pilgrims. He had this to say to them – “The ways of the Lord are not easy, but we were not created for an easy life, but for great things, for goodness.”

I have heard this re-interpreted as “the human person was not created for comfort, but for adventure”. I like that. When we dive into life and are prepared to let go of the treasures of this passing world, our faith comes alive. We learn once again to trust the Lord in everything. It is then we truly come alive.  

This is the desire of Jesus – that we may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10).

Father Simon Eccleton – Parish Priest

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