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There are many Saints who have played a huge role in my faith journey; they have become my friends and companions. I feel that I know them well, I have read their life stories; I know their suffering and pain. I have watched videos of their lives and I even have pictures of them around my home.

The Saints have taught me a way of living. For example, St Therese’ Little Way. Recently someone upset me. Instead of getting all fiery, I remembered what Therese wrote about a Sister in her Convent who she really struggled with. Because of her ‘little way’, I chose to love the person who had upset me.

St Therese of the Child Jesus – Carmelite
1873 – 1897

Often when I can’t pray, I think of John Vianney’s story of the man sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament and how the man explained “Jesus is looking at me and I am looking at him”.

St John Vianney – Cure of Ars
1786 – 1859

When I have one of those moments where I don’t like the way I look, I think of Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body. Our bodies tell us something about God and because God is so good, so am I.

St Pope John Paul II
1920 – 2005

When I feel life is difficult, I think of Maximillian Kolbe’s life in a concentration camp and how he was filled with joy to the end. The joy that only comes from knowing and loving God.

St Maximilian Kolbe
1894 – 1941

The Saints knew God. They loved him and knew they were loved. All of them had lives of prayer, and they all received the Eucharist often. When we learn about their lives, our hearts long for what they had. When we have the saints in our lives, our faith isn’t stagnant; it keeps moving, we grow closer to God.

The Saints are our great teachers and companions. I really encourage you to read the lives of the saints. Share their stories with your children and grandchildren.

Clare Bell – Parish Pastoral Worker

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