Oct 202019

“God has created me to do Him some definite service; He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.  I have my mission”. This is a quote by St John Henry Newman, canonized in our Catholic Church only last weekend. This was true for him and is true for each of us here in St Francis of Assisi parish.  What is God asking of you?  Where are you on mission?

Pope Francis, in his address at the beginning of this Extraordinary Month of Mission, said “He has entrusted any number of different gifts to each of us. These gifts, these talents, are not something to be stored in a safe; they are a true vocation: The Lord calls us to make our talents bear fruit, with boldness and creativity. God will ask us if we stepped forward and took risks, even losing face.”

I think we have come to understand in our parish, that while God may not be calling us to leave our country to serve on a third world mission station, He IS calling us to be missionaries exactly where we are. In being the people that He has called us to be, using the gifts He has given us, helping others come to know and experience God – we are on mission. A good and faithful woman I visited in hospital, who was unable to even get out of bed, told me “you can do a lot from your bed ya know!” and proceeded to tell me how her husband, her children and her friends all needed to know they are loved and cared for. No matter our circumstances, we are on mission.

Join in next Sunday evening as we ask for God to move in our geographical area.  Like Jesus sent out 72 disciples (Lk 10), after the 5pm Mass (6pm) we will meet in the church before heading out to pray the rosary in pairs, that all might come to know God more.

Kirsten Challies Pastoral Assistant

 20/10/2019  Categories: Editorial, News