St Francis of Assisi Parish
Sep 132019

Calling all those in our Rest-homes and those somewhat housebound! WE NEED YOU to serve in our parish as part of our Prayer Army.

We know that God is very much at work here and we need people to pray that we have ears to hear God’s leading and that He enables us to respond as He would want us to.

We invite you to take a place in the Prayer Army by stopping for 5 mins wherever you are, at 9:45am every day, to join with others as they pray wherever they are. If 9:45am doesn’t suit, then choose a time that best suits you. You can take a decade of the rosary or pray your own prayers – whatever you feel led to do. 

We are grateful for the prayerful undergirding you will provide for our parish

 13/09/2019  Categories: News