St Francis of Assisi Parish
Aug 252019

We believe that one of the fundamental duties of the human person is to learn to embrace a spirit of awe at the wonder of life in all its manifestations. Already we are seeing early signs of the season of spring. The earth is slowly warming; blossom is breaking out and the yellow splash of daffodils is colouring our gardens and parks.

This easily leads to a lightness of heart and joy at the cycle of life unfolding before us. But of course, the pinnacle of the Lord’s creation is the human person. Each of us has been created with the ‘divine spark’ of God’s love. We are actually made in the image of God, and we have been created to seek our creator out.

From the very beginning, civilised societies have seen it as a priority to guard and protect human life, especially where it is most vulnerable. Wherever a person is vulnerable (old age, unborn, sick, disabled in some way) our laws grant special protection. Examples of this include disabled parking near essential services, heavily subsidised health care for the poor, extra consumer protection for minors and those with diminished capacity, and legal protection for those in the womb.

At this time Parliament is considering changes to legislation around the status of the unborn child. It is important that we all have a clear understanding of what is being proposed so that we may appropriately engage in the consultation process around these proposals. Submissions will be received until September 19th.

With this newsletter you will find a message from the NZ Catholic Bishops’ Conference on this topic. They have asked the NZ Catholic Bioethics Centre (The Nathaniel Centre) to prepare some background material for your consideration.

As well as sending in a submission, please make protection for the unborn a focus in your personal prayer. May God guide the hearts of our legislators to make laws that cherish life and robustly protect those in the womb, as well as those at the end of their lives.

Father Simon – Parish Priest

 25/08/2019  Categories: Editorial