Parish Council


The Parish Council meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm.
To view the minutes of Parish Council meetings please click here.

The current members of the Parish Council are;

Fr Simon Eccleton : Parish Priest

Fr Simon Eccleton

Parish Priest

Ph: (03)385 3459
Kirsten Challies : Pastoral Worker

Kirsten Challies

Pastoral Worker

Ph: (03)385 3459

I am a part-time Pastoral Worker and am therefore here to support parishioners and others to live the life God is calling them to and am happy to be of assistance in whatever form it is needed, whether that be simply to listen, to make a visit to a home, to organise practical help, to chew over spiritual matters or to connect people with others who may be able to provide help.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at the parish office on a Tuesday and Thursday or by emailing me.

Sue McTague : Parish Council Chairperson

Sue McTague

Parish Council Chairperson
Moly Antony : Councillor

Moly Antony


Alix Hooper : Councillor

Alix Hooper


Cathie Hurdle : Councillor

Cathie Hurdle


Kevin Stack : Councillor

Kevin Stack


Matthew Gardner : Councillor

Matthew Gardner


Bill Morgan : Councillor

Bill Morgan