Confirmation Sacramental Programme – 2018


We are made members of the Body of Christ through receiving three sacraments – Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Confirmation completes and strengthens (‘confirms’) the spiritual “character” and belonging to Christ which are given at baptism.

At Confirmation God sends his Holy Spirit on us from God the Father to give us power and gifts (wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fortitude, piety, fear of the Lord).

In our Parish we celebrate Confirmation at Year 8. I would like to outline the programme so you can put it on your calendar and prepare. We will have registration closer to the time. When you register you will need to provide a copy of your baptism certificate.

We will have 4 sessions at 6pm on Sunday evenings 16, 23 September, 14, 21 October. Confirmation will be on the 28th October at 5pm. We will also have a camp run by the Catholic Youth Team on the weekend of the 28 to 30th September. The cost of the Confirmation programme which includes the camp will be $90. If you would like to take part in some small fundraising activities the cost will only be $40. ( For Fundraising we are talking about selling raffle after Mass or helping out at a Devonshire Tea after Mass. It wont be anything taxing). We would like all those who making their Confirmation to attend the Revolution Camp at Woodend as it is part of the programme. There will be lots of young people from all over Christchurch attending. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me.

What you need

Provide a copy of your Catholic baptismal certificate. Bring it to the first session or email it to the Parish office.
A Sponsor – A Sponsor needs to to be over 18 and a practicing Catholic (attends Mass and is active in a Parish). A Sponsor will support and encourage your child in their faith.
A Confirmation Name – this will be discussed during the sessions. Your child needs to choose a Saint who inspires them and they can look up to.
A parent or sponsor needs to attend each session with the young person

Keep up to date with information on our Facebook group.