Apr 202018
Tax Receipts for Planned Givers

Your tax receipt will be available next Sunday at Mass along with a statement of financial performance and your new envelopes.  Please pick these up to save us having to post them.

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Mar 162018
Thinking about Planned Giving?

Have you been thinking about signing up to the Parish Planned Giving Programme?  Contact the parish office to discuss going onto either envelope or automatic payment giving.  If you are currently putting loose cash into the collection plate, signing up to the programme will ensure you get a tax receipt for your giving.  May God [more…]

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Mar 092018
Fundraising Payments - Our Rebuild

We are making good progress on fundraising for our new church and facilities. Thank you to everyone who has committed to ongoing payments to help us achieve our goal. Please note that this month completes the current financial year. You may be able to claim a charitable donation rebate from IRD for donations made up [more…]

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Oct 272017
Parish Planned Giving Programme

Did You Know? Regular contributions by parishioners to our Planned Giving Programme makes it possible for the parish to carry out the Mission of the church. 216 parishioners are using envelopes and 162 use automatic payment. Please consider joining the Parish Planned Giving Programme – sign up on the clipboard in the church foyer with [more…]

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Sep 222017
Parish Planned Giving Programme

We are almost due for the next 6 months Planned Giving envelopes. If you are thinking about joining the Parish Planned Giving Programme or wish to change from envelope to automatic payment, please contact Kirsten in the Parish office

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May 052017
Tax Receipts

All the uncollected tax receipts for the 2016-2017 financial year have been posted home. Thank you for your generosity in the support of our clergy and the local parish.

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Feb 052017
Parish Rebuild Capital Fundraising Campaign

Last week, I mentioned that we are about to launch a Capital Fundraising Programme that will help us to build our new Parish Church, Pastoral Centre and Presbytery. While funds from insurance and the diocese will cover a significant amount of this cost, everyone will be asked to ‘dig deep’ to help us meet our goals. Over [more…]

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Oct 212016
Planned Givers

All Planned Givers please pick up your envelope from the church foyer and save the parish from posting it home It includes your next 6 months envelopes and/or special collection envelopes Letter from Father Simon 6 monthly Statement of Account. Many thanks for your support of the Parish Planned Giving Programme. If you are interested in [more…]

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