Oct 222017
A Radical Transformation

“The more I meditate on heaven, the more I dislike the world”, St. Theresa of Avila As true Christians, we have to be transformed through the Word of God, through the sacraments and certainly through our daily living of our faith. We are born of flesh and so we are the children of this world. [more…]

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Oct 152017
Finding Strength

  These became words I spoke to myself each morning. When I was younger I was a missionary with the National Evangelisation Teams in Australia. I travelled throughout Australia with 10 young people doing school retreats. Yes, it was an adventure and full of joy but it was also hard. Ten different personalities, ten people [more…]

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Oct 082017
Do Not Allow Your Joy to be Stolen

…spend time appreciating the blessings of life. This Sunday’s second reading holds one of my favourite pieces of scripture – Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” and I am [more…]

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Oct 012017
Happy Feast Day

Once Francis of Assisi went with Brother Leo to a town to preach the gospel.  Leo carried the Bible and other necessary things for preaching.  Even though Francis saw many people along the way he did not preach even once.  On their way back, the angry Leo asked the Saint why he did not preach [more…]

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Sep 242017
The Korean Martyrs

On Wednesday morning, I woke early to prepare for the 6:30am Mass, and heard on the news that the American president was threatening to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea because the North Korean leader was threatening America and her allies. Please God, this remains only rhetoric, but our hearts go out to the innocent and the [more…]

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Sep 172017
Bring your children to Mass

Bringing children to Mass can be very stressful as we know that Mass is something special. In the last 7 years our family has moved around the city. We have attended many parishes. We have settled at St Francis with our children, and what a blessing. We love our Parish school but we are also [more…]

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Sep 102017
We need people to put their faith in action.

This year the Society of St Vincent De Paul celebrates a proud history of 150 years of service to the poor here in Christchurch.  The first Conference was established in Christchurch in the Parish of the Blessed Sacrament in 1867.  Since then it has spread to most Catholic Parishes throughout the country. The work of [more…]

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Sep 032017
Giving It All

I find the readings this weekend offer quite a challenge in calling us to give our lives fully to God.  At a much earlier point in my life I thought that sort of living was limited to priests and religious, but in my late teens I realised that God was asking the same thing of [more…]

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Aug 202017

On Thursday evening, I had forgotten that I needed to write this editorial. I hadn’t even thought about it.  While I rushed to help put the children to bed so I could sit down and write, I had a quick reflection of my week. Why had I forgotten? It was pretty simple; I had been [more…]

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Aug 132017
Building Plans

At our annual parish meeting in June, Tony Sewell (Diocesan Property Officer) gave a good overview of where we are at with the rebuild of our facilities. Though changes are still likely as we move through this process, here is where we stand as at today: In light of the feedback from parishioners, direction from [more…]

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