Dec 172017
Gaudate (Joy) Sunday

When we were engaged we did a bit of travelling. I have a memory of us in Assisi watching the sun set discussing the readings for our wedding. One of the themes we wanted to come through was joy. In the time we were getting to know each other we had experienced such great joy. [more…]

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Dec 102017
A Voice Cries in the Wilderness

As we move into the second week of Advent, the words of St Paul remind us “to be pure of heart and come blameless filled with the fruit of holiness through Christ Jesus, for the glory and praise of God.” Advent is a time of eager waiting. We wait for Christ and to get back [more…]

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Dec 032017
This is OUR time – to keep the flame of faith alive.

This weekend we enter into our Advent Season and the Gospel reading reminds us to “Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come”. When I was young, I was very close to my dad and one night, when I was in my teens, he died very suddenly, making this scriptural [more…]

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Nov 262017
Jesus Christ The King - welcome the stranger

We are heading into that time of year when people get crazy busy preparing for Christmas. Parties and shopping are always on people’s agendas. Christmas often feels more about the material things. Our children seem to start talking about the toys they want for Christmas in about March. Christmas can be a time of great [more…]

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Nov 192017
Ablaze Conference

Last Friday and Saturday (November 10th & 11th) are two days which can be engraved with Golden letters in the history of our diocese as 180 people attended the Ablaze Conference, put on by the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.   13 delegates from our parish attended this very inspiring conference, responding to the call to Evangelise.  [more…]

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Nov 122017
Looking Forward

…the challenge of proclaiming Christ and his Church… After some years of study, reflection and preparation, we are now beginning the rebuild of our Church and facilities in earnest. Since June this year, when we got the go-ahead for the building of the church and pastoral centre, our project manager, architect and engineering team have [more…]

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Nov 052017
God Waits for Each of Us

My Soul finds rest in God Alone The End of Year process has already begun for many of our students who endure the stress of exams during this time.  We want you to know, that as parish family, we are mindful of you and want to support you in your endeavours.  There will be an [more…]

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Oct 292017
Our Great Big Family

The teaching of the Church about the Communion of Saints is a beautiful reminder of a divine mystery – our existence is so much greater than the world we can see around us. We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are being [more…]

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Oct 222017
A Radical Transformation

“The more I meditate on heaven, the more I dislike the world”, St. Theresa of Avila As true Christians, we have to be transformed through the Word of God, through the sacraments and certainly through our daily living of our faith. We are born of flesh and so we are the children of this world. [more…]

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Oct 152017
Finding Strength

  These became words I spoke to myself each morning. When I was younger I was a missionary with the National Evangelisation Teams in Australia. I travelled throughout Australia with 10 young people doing school retreats. Yes, it was an adventure and full of joy but it was also hard. Ten different personalities, ten people [more…]

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