Apr 222018
Priests for the Future

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday, the day we make a special effort to pray to the Lord for vocations to the priesthood. Without priests the Church cannot exist. Our parish is a good example of a community where priests and people share the work of proclaiming the gospel, each according to their particular calling. It [more…]

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Apr 152018
Let our lives tell the story of Jesus

Sometimes we can wonder where God is in a situation. In a disappointment, an unpleasant situation or in someone else’s behaviour. Recently someone was telling me about some unpleasant behaviours of another adult. I was thinking ‘how can an adult speak to another person like that? This is the behaviour of children.’ After I thought [more…]

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Apr 082018
Suffering Makes Us Stronger

We know that the seeds or the grains are useful to us, we have to let them die and decay under the fertile soil for bringing up plentiful harvest. We can preserve the grains in the cold storage, but they will not multiply. Jesus said in crystal clear terms, that if anyone wanted to follow [more…]

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Apr 012018
Christ is Risen - He is Risen Indeed! ALLELUIA

In rising from the dead, Jesus made it possible for us to be in relationship with God personally. That can make all the difference to our lives today – bringing a deep contentment and security that nothing else can provide.  We need to share that. One lunch time, when I was 14 years of age, [more…]

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Mar 252018
Our Desert Experience...

Last weekend there was a very special gathering of parish councilors, and members of the finance and liturgy committees, along with the two priests, the pastoral workers and parish secretary. We spent some five hours making plans for the pastoral direction of our parish, especially over the next two years. The theme of ‘desert experience’ [more…]

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Mar 182018
St Patrick & St Joseph

In our house we love talking about the Saints. Each of our children were named after a strong saint. They love talking about their saint. Superheroes are very popular with children these days. Real Superheroes are people who go against the crowd, put Jesus first in their lives and who bring about change through their [more…]

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Mar 112018
Our Lenten Journey Continues

When we reflect about this Sunday’s gospel passage, we get a great message that Jesus is the only saviour and it is only through him that we all are going to be saved. Here we need to realise one thing that when we talk about salvation in the biblical context: it is always salvation from [more…]

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Feb 252018
Looking Ahead

As the New Year gets underway, our plans for the next two years are starting to take shape. We hope to start building the presbytery in April, and later in the year begin preparing our site for the construction of the new church and pastoral centre. Options are being considered for where we will go [more…]

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Feb 232018
From the Ashes....

On Wednesday the school and Parish community celebrated our Ash Wednesday Mass together. It was such a beautiful occasion. When I got home that evening I reflected upon the joy of this Mass with my husband. All day we had the words from this song from Mass buzzing through our heads. ‘For in the ashes [more…]

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Feb 112018
Our Last Lent Here!

As we begin Lent this week, I am very mindful that this is our last Lent in this particular house of God. In 2012 we began our journey as the St Francis of Assisi Parish, having experienced the pains of change due to the earthquakes.  From three former parishes, the Lord has moulded us together [more…]

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