Aug 052018
Sacramental Catch-Up

At the best of times family life can be busy, noisy and complex. That’s the way we are! Because of this, sometimes the things we hold dear to us can be overlooked. And then it can be hard to pick up on those things we have lost. For this reason, the parish is offering all [more…]

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Jul 292018
Being Effective Where God has Planted Us

I find this weekend’s Gospel story of the feeding of the five thousand really heartening, when it isn’t clear how I can be of use to God in my everyday dealings.  Being reminded that the young boy was simply ready to give what he had, is helpful.  God received it and used it to do [more…]

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Jul 222018
The Lord is my Shepherd

‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ is a very well-known scripture and song even among non-church people. We often hear it at funerals. But have you ever reflected upon the words? What is the job of a shepherd? This is pretty foreign to us as shepherds are few and far between in 2018 in New Zealand. [more…]

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Jul 152018
Divine Renovation

Our new church build is a huge and complex project with many dimensions to it. I’m so grateful to the parishioners who are joining me in contributing to the capital fundraising programme for this rebuild. Your donations are making this whole thing possible. May God bless you in your generosity – and I know He [more…]

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Jul 082018
Honing in on what's important

Two things have contributed to this being quite a reflective week for me.  Firstly, I sat with a dying lady and her family as they said their goodbyes to one another and thanked each other for all they had received during their life together.  They acknowledged how blessed they had been to have had such [more…]

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Jul 012018
Our Life, A great gift from God

I once read an interesting story; a man was dangerously hanging on to a tree root over the edge of a cliff: below him rocks, above him a tiger and a black and white mouse nibbling at the root. The man noticed a strawberry beside him and picked it to eat! This is hunger for [more…]

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Jun 242018
St John the Baptist, Pray for Us

The birthday of John the Baptist has special significance for the Church. Ordinarily the Church observes the day of a saint’s death as his feast, because that day marks his entrance into heaven. But John’s birth is important. He’s the ‘bridge’ between the Old Testament and the New. With his arrival the work of the [more…]

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Jun 172018
Special Prayers for Family & Friends

We all know people who aren’t necessarily people of faith but are decent, kind, generous, folk who care deeply for their loved ones. They may not acknowledge the source of all the goodness they exhibit, but some of these people haven’t decided against God either. Maybe they have never had much to do with faith. [more…]

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Jun 102018
Do you remember your First Holy Communion?

I remember my First Communion well. I remember the lessons, the practice and the day. My mum made me a beautiful dress and my Gran prepared a veil. There was lots of preparation and I knew the occasion was special. What I didn’t understand fully was the Eucharist and the gift that it is to [more…]

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