May 172019
Marian College - Survey - New School

A very important phase of planning is involving community input on what the new school could look like. We are all responsible for ensuring the new school and grounds reflect and celebrate Marian’s Catholic special character, values, heritage and story. Marian College is currently reaching out to everyone with a connection to Marian, to have [more…]

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May 172019
Assisi Lounge

Any parish groups who currently meet offsite and would like to use the Assisi Lounge for your future meetings, please note that bookings can be made through the parish office

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Mar 152019
Property Update

Building work has commenced on the portacom next to the church and we expect to have it up to compliance by the end of March or early April.

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Mar 082019
Property Update

Following a recent parish council meeting I spoke with Andy Doherty, General Manager of the Diocese. He indicated that while things are slowly starting to come together, more work is still required before any announcements can be made by the Bishop about the Cathedral and parishes. In his view, an update could be possible in [more…]

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Oct 302018
Rebuild Plans Cancelled

Building Plans Cancelled – September 2018 In September, Bishop Paul Martin wrote to the parish to announce that he is halting all planning and building of churches, pastoral centres and presbyteries across Christchurch city (link to his letter below). Of all our communities, St Francis of Assisi Parish is most profoundly affected by this decision. [more…]

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Sep 262018
Father Simon's Reflection on our rebuild news

Reflection from Father Simon  – St Francis of Assisi Parish, Mairehau – 9th September 2018 Last weekend  (2nd September) St Francis of Assisi parishioners were surprised to learn that Bishop Paul Martin has announced a cessation of all church building and planning in Christchurch city while a major review is undertaken of the needs of the Catholic [more…]

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Sep 022018
Letter from Bishop Paul Martin - Bishop of Christchurch

Father Simon read the following letter from Bishop Paul at all Sunday Masses in our parish over the weekend of 1st/2nd September. Letter from Bishop Paul Martin – August 2018 We will continue to update you on what this means for us as parish, as we receive further information and as the Bishop’s vision for [more…]

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Jul 012018
AGM & Property Update

Parish AGM There was a good turnout last Sunday to our annual parish meeting. Reports were presented, and discussion followed. Parts of the meeting were streamed live on Facebook. The General Manager of the diocese, Andy Doherty, gave an interesting overview of the work he and his team does for the bishop and for our [more…]

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Mar 092018
Fundraising Payments - Our Rebuild

We are making good progress on fundraising for our new church and facilities. Thank you to everyone who has committed to ongoing payments to help us achieve our goal. Please note that this month completes the current financial year. You may be able to claim a charitable donation rebate from IRD for donations made up [more…]

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Dec 012017
Property Update

 This week we received sign-off from the Diocese for the design of the presbytery at 63 Kensington Avenue. Detailed plans are now being drawn up for the City Council consent process. So as 2017 comes to a conclusion, we thank God (and St Francis for his intercession) that the Mairehau church, pastoral centre and presbytery [more…]

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