Oct 222017

How about making the effort to join in a devotional half hour of Word, Prayer and Music on Friday 3rd November at 5:30pm to pray for the success of our fundraising endeavours, for the rebuilding project of St Francis of Assisi Parish.

The devotional evening will be led by the O’Malley choir and they warmly invite fellow parishioners to join them for this.

Prayer is the most important ingredient in helping us accomplish our goal.  Support that all of us can earnestly and willingly supply.

Remember the date…. Friday 3rd November at 5:30pm

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Oct 222017
A Radical Transformation

“The more I meditate on heaven, the more I dislike the world”, St. Theresa of Avila As true Christians, we have to be transformed through the Word of God, through the sacraments and certainly through our daily living of our faith. We are born of flesh and so we are the children of this world. [more…]

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Oct 222017
In the Parish this week...

  Wednesday 25th – 6:30am Early Mass  & Parish Council at 7pm Thursday 26th –  Reconciliation every Thursday at 5pm &  Finance Committee at 7pm        

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Oct 202017
Planned Giving Automatic Payers & Envelope Givers

Next weekend please pick up your 6 monthly accounts and letter from Father Simon, along with new envelopes. The more picked up at Mass, the less we will have to pay to post them out!

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Oct 202017
Confirmation - Parish Sacramental Programme

Sign up on the clipboard in the church today. Commences on Tuesday 31st October 6pm – 7pm in the church.  This Programme is for all Year 8s, their parents and sponsors and any Catholic adults who have not made this sacrament and wish to.  Dates are as follow: Initial meeting –  Tuesday 31 October 2ND Meeting –  Monday [more…]

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Oct 152017
Finding Strength

  These became words I spoke to myself each morning. When I was younger I was a missionary with the National Evangelisation Teams in Australia. I travelled throughout Australia with 10 young people doing school retreats. Yes, it was an adventure and full of joy but it was also hard. Ten different personalities, ten people [more…]

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Oct 132017
Mission Sunday - Sunday 22nd October

 Mission Sunday is Sunday 22nd October This year we are invited to participate in Jesus’ life-giving mission, supporting women and children’s health in Uganda. In Uganda bringing life into the world is often fraught with danger, with many women taking great risks to reach health facilities. Despite the tireless work of Sister Mary Goretti and [more…]

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Oct 132017
Youth Events coming up...

Youth Great Race Be at the church for a start at 4pm sharp (this Friday 20th), with a bus card and $5 for pizza. Feel free to bring a friend to do it with you. Aiming for a finish around 8pm. See you there Youth Wilder Worship Night on Saturday 21st October at 7pm, St Bede’s [more…]

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Oct 082017
Do Not Allow Your Joy to be Stolen

…spend time appreciating the blessings of life. This Sunday’s second reading holds one of my favourite pieces of scripture – Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” and I am [more…]

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