Apr 222018

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday, the day we make a special effort to pray to the Lord for vocations to the priesthood. Without priests the Church cannot exist.

Our parish is a good example of a community where priests and people share the work of proclaiming the gospel, each according to their particular calling. It is through baptism that we are empowered and equipped for this mission. Lay people are called to bring Jesus Christ to the market place, the sports field, the supermarket, and the home and streets where we live.

It’s a big challenge but it is also very exciting.

The priest is to administer the sacred mysteries of our faith – primarily through a worthy celebration of the sacraments and preaching of the Gospel. In the name of Jesus himself, the priest feeds the people of God with the bread of heaven.

Our diocese is blessed with a number of young seminarians: Tang Phan (5th year), Glen Brennan (4th year), Monty Bamford (3rd year), Huong Dinh (2nd year), and Connor Eatwell and Jose O’Sullivan (both 1st year).

Tang and Huong are loved members of our parish here. Please pray for our seminarians.

Last Sunday Bishop Paul received two further young men from Vietnam to Christchurch. They will study English with a view to being accepted for training for priesthood in Christchurch Diocese.

We are delighted to introduce to you Tang Joseph Phan (younger brother of 5th year seminarian Tang Phan). Tang Joseph has taken up residence at Papanui Parish.

Linh Cao is the younger brother of Father Tien Cao and has been appointed to Mairehau Parish. He will share the presbytery with the two priests and seminarians Tang and Huong.

Please introduce yourself to Linh when you are able. He would love to be invited out for a coffee or to visit your home for a meal.

Linh Cao (left) and Tang Joseph Phan (right)

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Apr 202018
Tax Receipts for Planned Givers

Your tax receipt will be available next Sunday at Mass along with a statement of financial performance and your new envelopes.  Please pick these up to save us having to post them.

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Apr 202018
Bella Matthews

Thanks to all those who joined to pray for Bella. She has been cleared of cancer and will undergo chemo and radiation simply as a precaution in case there is anything unseen. God is good! Please keep praying for Bella while she has her treatment.

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Apr 202018
Can you bake for us?

Baking We have a need to store baking in the freezer for parishioners who are going to need some extra help in the coming months. If you would like to contribute, please drop it off to the parish office anytime during office hours; Tuesday & Friday 8am – 5pm Wednesday & Thursdasy 8am – 2pm

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Apr 202018
Whisky and the Holy Spirit - Friday 27th April

An evening for men in the parish. Join us for whisky tasting, fellowship & supper. Hear stories of the Holy Spirit acting in the lives of men of the parish. Friday 27th April 7pm – 9pm in the school staff room. Tickets are available now from the parish office or put your name on the [more…]

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Apr 202018
Preference of Enrolment - Catholic Secondary Schools

If you are seeking a preference certificate for your son/daughter to attend a Catholic Secondary School in Christchurch, simply bring their Catholic Baptism Certificate with you to Sunday Mass and see one of the priests after Mass.

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Apr 202018
St Vincent de Paul - Thank you for your support

St Vincent de Paul update We received 21 calls from families for assistance with food, furniture and bedding over the past 2 weeks and assisted 42 people in response. Your continued support of our local conference is greatly appreciated.  Food donations may be left in the church foyer in the bins marked SVDP. There are [more…]

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Apr 152018
Let our lives tell the story of Jesus

Sometimes we can wonder where God is in a situation. In a disappointment, an unpleasant situation or in someone else’s behaviour. Recently someone was telling me about some unpleasant behaviours of another adult. I was thinking ‘how can an adult speak to another person like that? This is the behaviour of children.’ After I thought [more…]

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